In third world countries, certain activities are considered as only for the rich.  One of these activities is having a picnic.  Much as majority of the people would like to join or organize one, the family’s budgetary day-to-day needs come foremost.  Thus, going on picnics have become the common choice for an extra special family events in the twentieth century.

When is National Picnic Day in 2017?

National Picnic Day is on April 23, 2017, a Sunday.

National Picnic Day is observed in the United States of America every twenty third day of April each year.

Origin and Purpose of the National Picnic Day:

The origin of the National Picnic Day concept is attributed to the Picnic Society in the onset of the nineteenth century.  This organization promoted social gatherings and originally consisted of a group of rich citizens in London.  Its original program consists of friends gathering in an outdoor location, bringing potluck and ready for an entertainment number.

What is a Picnic?

Picnic is a word first found in a 1692 French book.  It was defined as an activity where a group of people dine and drink wine together in an area.  It was later used to mean an outing or excursion where people bring food and eat it together in an open space.

Picnic became a part of the English language in 1748.  It refers to an activity where people dine together amidst the beauty of nature.  This practice began with the hunting banquets of the medieval period and continued to the garden tea parties of the Victorian time.

National Picnic Day Observance:

Its standard form of celebration is simply to go out on a picnic with friends and families.  This fun day is also observed in other countries but for varied reasons:

  • National Picnic Day is a public holiday in Australia and celebrated every first Monday of August as an extension of the rest day of all its workers.
  • In Thailand, it is observed on the second day of February as a form of government protest.

When is National Picnic Day in 2018?

National Picnic Day is on April 23, 2018, a Monday.

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