Do you know anyone who doesn’t like to eat pies?  And what could be better than having a day when we can eat as much as we can!  From the traditional meaty pies to the sweet fruity pies, it is a meal by itself.  To pay homage to this humble meal, the National Pie Day is celebrated annually.

When is National Pie Day 2018?

National Pie Day will celebrated on Tuesday, January 23. (Read also about Pi day)

National Pie Day is always observed in January 23.

The Special Day’s Origin:

The National Pie Day was created by the National Pie Council, an organization created to preserve America’s pie heritage and promote their love for this food.  Consequently, this day is celebrated to ensure that its importance will be handed on from generation to generation.

The first pie was prepared by the Greeks and the Romans consisting of meat and seasonings.  Eventually, it was brought by the Pilgrims to America.  In the late 1800’s, the first sweet pie was baked and became the official American dessert in 1940.

How to celebrate the Special Day:

There is much festivity during the National Pie Day.  To ensure its posterity, it is celebrated in various ways:

A mother may bake her family’s favourite pie for dinner.  A new pie recipe may be baked and served among friends in a get-together party.  A pie can also be given as a welcome gift to a new neighbour!

Children in school would celebrate the National Pie Day baking a pie.  A school fair may also be held as a fund raising campaign for clubs and organizations.  This may consist of selling pies baked by the students or their moms donated to the club.  Booths may also be set up for pie throwing contests.

Families, in turn, may meet to share a pie meal where all members or families may bring their prized pie!  On a larger scale, church groups or the whole community may organize a party or a sports activity where they each member or family would bring their home-baked pies.

The National Pie Day is concelebrated with the National Handwriting Day.  Activities would include creativity competitions conducted with the use of paper and pen.  In today’s multimedia technology, the celebration of this day becomes imperative to prevent the art of handwriting becoming a lost art.  This day was founded by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association to mark the birthday of John Hancock, an 18th century politician and merchant who became famous for his grand signing of the United States Declaration of Independence.

As people gather happily on this day, a contest may be held as to who among the participants have the most beautiful handwriting.  Another contest may be on handwritten articles or literary works.  A booth in school or in a community fair may also be on interpreting handwritings.

In most cases, January 23 is a joint celebration of the two special days.  Activities would endeavour to promote pen and paper while eating pie.

Pie Day and Pi Day

January 23 of each day is the National Pie Day.  This should not be confused with the Pi Day which is celebrated every March 14 of each year.  And as we celebrate the National Pie Day, we also celebrate the National Handwriting Day!

The Pi Day salutes the never-ending number 3.14.  It is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.  On this day, mathematicians would have debates on the number while eating pies.


National Pie Day will be celebrated on  January 23 , a Wednesday.