National day of reason is the day to show some beliefs and faiths to human kind rather than to some unseen deity and to show the world humanity comes first of all. This is  a day to show kindness and love for your brothers and sisters.

When is National Reason Day 2017

National Reason day 2017 will be celebrated on Thursday, May 4th.

National reason day is always celebrated on the first Thursday of May.

National Reason Day Origin

This day is an idea of American Humanist Association and Washington Area Secular Humanist. This day was created in the year 2003. And it was created as an anti-symbol of belief and faith to deity. In USA people of several religions and several beliefs live together side by side. At this day the humanist and secularists show their faiths in human being rather than any deity.

National Reason Day Celebration

They who believe in human being rather than some unseen deity, this day is for them. You may celebrate this day by taking the following steps.

  • Show your love to the human being, rather than to pray your deity.
  • Try to share your belief with your friends, but remember never try to impose your belief on your friends or any other person.
  • You may donate food or donate blood, or may do something like this.
  • Arrange seminars or rally and try to tell people about the moral of this day.
  • Try to teach your family member about your belief.

National Reason Day Fact

Love the human beings; care for them is the main cause of this day. Some important facts of this day are the following:

  • USA is equal for each citizen, it doesn’t matter what he/she believes or what he/she prays.
  • To keep religion and government on their own way.
  • This day resembles the importance of human kind to each other.
  • Keep your belief to yourself wheatear you are a theist or an atheist.
  • Never try to impose your beliefs to anyone else.
  • You are praying so much time, but have you ever given a thought about the people around you!
  • To make people aware of humanity and try to increase their affection for their own race.

National Reason Day 2018

National Reason day 2018 will occur on Thursday, 3rd May.