Record stores all over the world are responsible in distributing all kinds of recorded music to the general public.  They also assist record companies in the promotion of their CD’s and new artists.  Though basically a commercial institute, it does a great job in promoting music of any genre as performed by any artist regardless of age and race.  Thus, let’s all join hands and celebrate the National Record Store Day.

When is the National Record Store Day in 2017?

The National Records Store Day is on April 15, 2017 a Saturday.

The National Records Store Day is always observed in the United States of America and the United Kingdom every third Saturday of April each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the National Record Store Day:

The inaugural observance of the National Record Day was in 2007.  This resulted from the concerted efforts of more than seven hundred independent music outlets in the America.  This special event eventually was observed in the United Kingdom and supported by commercial establishments, charitable partners and record retailers.

An employee of a record store, Chris Brown, gave the purpose for this spectacular event as the day to enjoy the beauty and art of music.  On its seventh year, this occasion shall once again be participated by music fanatics, musicians and multimedia across the globe.  This day frequently records the highest record sales in the year.

The Observance of the National Record Store Day:

Exceptional Long Playing records, discs, singles and albums are released on this spectacular day.  Record companies also do various launching events, followed by the artist’s autograph signing and distribution of promotional merchandise.

Spectacular appearances and performances are also held on this day which also serves as a fund raiser for charitable institutions.  Massive promotional campaigns to boost record store sales also include television and radio interview of various artists.

When is the 2018 National Record Store Day?

The National Record Store Day is on April 21, 2018, a Saturday.

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