National tell a story day is a day to share stories with friends and people around you. At this day you may tell a story or listen one from anyone.

National Tell A Story Day 2017

Tell a story day 2017 in USA will occur at 27th April , a Thursday. National Tell a story day 2017 in UK & Scotland will occur at 27th October,  a Friday.

This day is celebrated 27th April in USA. After six months later 27th October this day will be celebrated in UK & Scotland.

National Tell A Story Day Origin

National Tell a story day or national story telling day is a very significant day. History can’t tell the exact time, when the story telling has been started, but that actually doesn’t matter; as significance of a day like this doesn’t depend on while it has started, rather it demands the important role of the day in history. But from the little history that is revealed to us, from that we come to know that officially story telling started at Sweden around 1991 to 1992 and during that time in march 20th a day was held by the name “All Storytellers day”. And after that for the first time the Scandinavians and later the whole world started celebrating this day and now it has become a worldwide celebration.

National Tell A Story Day Celebration

National Tell A Story day is a day to make fun and to enjoy. You may celebrate this day by doing these followings.

  • National Tell A story day can be celebrated at a family environment; you can tell story to the younger or your children or you may ask the elder ones to tell about your family history.
  • You may ask the senior citizens of your area to tell you and your friends about the famous and renowned sons and daughters of your area.
  • You and your friends may visit to any children’s school and offer them some stories at their free periods.
  • You may offer your friends or colleagues a story to refresh their mind at their leisure.

National Tell A Story Day Facts

  • The main purpose of this day is to share pleasure with everyone around you.
  • Share a story with friends or colleagues or children or may be people around you.
  • You can tell any type of story; maybe a scary one, or a fable, a fairy tells funny political story or biography of a famous person.
  • But don’t forget to tell a story demanding the situation and the listeners. As an example if you are planning to tell a serious political story or an adult jokes type story in front of children, that’s really a bad idea.

National Tell A Story Day 2018

At 2018 National Tell A Story in USA will be celebrated on 27th April , a Friday.  At UK and Scotland this day will be celebrated on 27th of October, Saturday.

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