For those who would like to save, there is a specific day to exercise one of the ways to be thrifty: National Thrift Shop Day. Thrift Shop Day is the day to visit second hand stores to look for many inexpensive goods and if desired so, to purchase cheaper, second hand products.

National Thrift Shop Day 2017

National Thrift Shop Day 2017 happens on a Thursday, August 17th.

National Thrift Shop Day falls on August 17th every year.

National Thrift Shop Day Origin

There were no reliable sources supporting the origin of National Thrift Shop Day. Still, it will be beneficial to try your hand on purchasing useful second hand products.

Why People Go to Thrift Shop

In general, people like to possess quality products at a reasonable price. But nowadays, as we face economic struggles, quality products come with a larger cost. Precisely because of this reason,  people then choose to go to thrift stores or flea market.

Also, in thrift stores, you are always in for a surprise. You never know what sort of quality or branded products you will encounter. Such thrill gives thrift shoppers an opportunity to hone their mix and match their goods at a quality and worth cost.

What to Do in Thrift Shop Day

1) Shop with a list- no matter how considerably inexpensive thrift products are, if you shop aimlessly, you will defeat your purpose to save.

2) Search ahead for places with best bargains- if you have mapped-out destinations for thrift shops, aside from getting better chances of best bargain, you will have a bonus chance of saving transportation money.

3) Test before you buy- make sure to thoroughly check your product for deficiencies before purchasing.

4) Don’t forget to have fun- be careful not to get too caught up in the rush of paying less. Have fun doing the mix and match!

National Thrift Shop Day 2018

National Thrift Shop Day 2018 happens on a Friday, August 17th.

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