In this day and age, travel and tourism is a big part of the global lifestyle and economy. Travel and tourism has a lot of benefits not just in terms of life experiences but also in employment, education, culture and so much more. National Tourism Day is a celebration in the United States that honors all the things that come with tourism. 

When is National Tourism Day 2017

National Tourism Day 2017 happens on May 7, 2017, Sunday.

National Tourism Day is celebrated every 7th of May.

National Tourism Day Origin

National Tourism Day is part of the National Travel and Tourism Week celebrated in the United States during the first full week of May.

A United States Congressional joint resolution passed in 1983 established National Travel and Tourism Week which was first celebrated in 1984.

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National Tourism Day Celebration

  • Bloggers and website owners are encouraged to join the National Tourism Day celebration by using the press kit and fact sheet made available at to raise awareness of the events and invite others to join as well.
  • Social media savvy persons can also contribute and celebrate by using the tweet sheet, joining the social media conversations, following @USTravel and using the hashtag #NTTW and the hashtag for the year’s theme
  • Posting travel photos on the internet featuring places in the United States is a great idea to promote the National Tourism Day cause.
  • Some travel and tours company and the hotel industry also join the celebration by giving discounts and special offer for the whole National Tourism Day and National Travel and Tourism Week.

National Tourism Day Theme 2015

For 2015, the National Tourism Day’s theme is: Travel is __________.

This theme encourages the travel committee to be creative and ingenious to define the impact of travel in the daily lives of millions of people. It centers around the fact that it is our choices and actions that create the experience and defines what travel is. Our values therefore define what the word and the process of travel will be. In short: it is in our hands to make it into what we want.

National Tourism Day 2018

National Tourism Day 2018 will be on Monday, May 7, 2018.

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