National Train Day is a holiday started as a method to spread information to the general public about the advantages of rail travel and the history of trains in the United States.

When is the National Train Day 2017?

National Train Day is on 13th May, 2017, a Saturday

National Train Day is always celebrated on the second Saturday of May.

The origin of the National Train Day:

National Train Day was created by the National Railroad Passenger Corporation. It was created recently, and initially celebrated in 2008. One might imagine that this special day would have been created many, many years ago. This is referred to as a “National” day. The year 1869 was a really exciting time in America. Union Pacific railroads and the Central Pacific were speeding over the wild, American wilderness, laying tracks for what might soon turn into the first Transcontinental rail line.

Development was regularly done at great peril, as tremendous territories of the west were genuinely wild and unsettled. On May 9, 1869 the tracks of the two railroad organizations got together at Promontory Summit, Utah. A brilliant spike was crashed into the last association of the two tracks. The primary Continental rails line was 1,776 miles in length. Towns, of all shapes and sizes, might soon sprout up along the course.

Events organized on the National Train Day

The major events of National Train Day usually consist of equipment displays in the major stations across the Amtrak framework. This incorporates Acela and Keystone sets in the Northeastern urban areas, and Superliner cars in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Florida that is utilized on long separation prepares within those districts. Also, numerous private cars are also put on display. Smaller events usually consist of a model train layout from a local club or other train-related items on display. This frequently incorporates tours of historic rail cars and excursion train rides.

Here are some of the way’s you can celebrate the special day:

  • Take a train ride
  • Go to a train museum
  • Explore train and railroad history.
  • Join a train club – there are many out there
  • Watch a movie that has trains in it.

Importance of Train

Its purpose is to show how train impacts our lives every day, both those drivers’ despised freight trains and the passenger trains that bring us our food and all the products we use in our daily lives and give us a very green friendly way to travel. Rail use has been a very important part of our lives and the growth of this country for over a hundred years.

When is the National Train Day in 2018?

The National Train Day will be on May 12th, 2018, a Saturday.