Can you recall the name of your favourite server in your preferred diner?  You should!  After all, he represents the quality of service you get whenever you go there to dine.  Can you imagine if he was not around to serve you?  Would you not miss the candid smile and his asking confirmation for your usual order?

When is the National Wait Staff Day in 2014?

The National Wait Staff Day is on May 21, 2014, a Wednesday.

The National Wait Staff Day is always observed, in the United States of America, every 21st day of May each year.

Origin and Purpose of the National Wait Staff Day:

There is no recorded origin of this special day.  It can be surmised to be a sales promotion of restaurants.  Its purpose is to set a day each year to recognize and honour the good service given by waiters and waitresses all over America.  On this day, all guests are given a chance to thank their cheerful server for the polite, sincere and attentive service.

The National Wait Staff Day Observance:

The most popular way to observe this day is to dine in the restaurant where the favoured food server works.  Ensuring that the same service is received, the table chosen should be within the assigned area of the said server.  To make this day a bit special, it would not hurt if a smile or nod of acknowledgement be bestowed upon the food attendant.

A thank you note may be given enclosing a substantial tip at the end of the meal.  If really impressed with the service consistently received from the food attendant, a gift check to a nearby spa would be nice.  Another way to show appreciation is to ask the attendant his food choice, order it as a take out and give the packed food to him upon leaving the restaurant.

When is the National Wait Staff Day in 2015?

The national Wait Staff Day is on May 21, 2015, a Thursday.

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