In courtship, one can hear words like “My Heart, My Life.”  It can really be quite flattering for anyone to hear such words from the beloved.  But have you tried saying the same sweet words to yourself?  Well, you should!  To receive love, one has to give love.  To give love, one must have enough love to share.  What’s vital though isn’t the saying but the how in showing love.

When is the National Walking Day in 2017?

The National Walking Day is on April 5, 2017, a Wednesday.

The National Walking Day is always observed on the first Wednesday of April each year in the United States of America.

The Origin and Purpose of the National Walking Day:

The National Walking Day is an annual activity spearheaded by the American Heart Association (AHA) in line with their mission of building better lives without heart ailments and stroke.  By promoting walking, it retards the bad effects of inactive lifestyle common nowadays.

As careers require more time at work and high tech recreational activities are mostly in-door, the rate of heart disease had increased.  With the cooperation of various business and civic organizations, National Walking Day activities are geared towards AHA’s motto of “Learn and Live.”

The Observance of the National Walking Day:

Starting February of each year, the American Heart Association comes up with online information dissemination on the year’s National Walking Day activity.  People are requested to register online and get free National Walking Day Toolkit in return.  Participating on the AHA events and helping in increasing awareness of the day’s activity is the best participation.

For those far from the venue of the event, devoting half an hour of the day for walking may be done.  Making donations to AHA event is also encouraged.  As the date is a working day, wearing sneakers at work and conducting walking meetings are also recommended.  Students are encouraged to organize walks with friends and family.  Creating a Walking Club is also another creative participation.

When is the National Walking Day in 2018?

The National Walking Day is on April 4, 2018, a Wednesday.