Do you feel boring about your homework? Can you imagine a day without homework and do what you like in your life such as walking in the wood, fishing, and swimming? You can join thousands of kids and teenagers who join together to celebrate no homework day on May 6.

When is the no homework day 2017?

No homework day will be celebrated on Saturday, May 6, in 2017.

All American students celebrate no homework day on May 6 every year.

Origin of the no homework day

There is no evidence about the origin of the no homework day. However, this is the day that kinds can tell their parents and teaches that they are not going to do their homework. Teaches and parent do not like this date; however, they do not give homework for student. They expect kinds to enjoy afternoon without bothering about their home work on the following day.

Calibration of no homework day

On the no homework day kids and teenagers are allowed to stay away from their homework for one night. During this time they can do what they like and want. The idea is to free kids from studies for one day. They can spend the day leisurely.

Student spends this day watching their favorite film, playing video games, chatting with friends or going to bed early. May6 is the day for the children to enjoy their life forgetting their home work.

When is the no homework day 2018?

American students will celebrate the no homework day 2018 on Sunday, May 6, 2018.