NOW RUZ 2018

The Holy Bible says that man was made in the image of God.  As mankind never runs out of hope, it can de deduced that they were created by a hopeful and forgiving God.  Regardless of language, culture and religion, each country celebrates annual new beginnings.  No matter what date it may be, each year is marked by a new year, an irrefutable sign of man’s challenge to forgive and do better.

When is the Now Ruz in 2018?

Now Ruz is on March 20, 2018, a Tuesday.

Now Ruz is usually observed in Iran and other countries on the 20th day of March each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the Now Ruz:

Now Ruz is an official holiday, the New Year in the Solar Hijri calendar, lasting for thirteen days in Iran.  This traditional festival was said to originate from Zoroaster as supported by a second century AD Persian record.

Now Ruz is a celebration which had been observed for thousands of years.  Shrouded by legends and myths, it promotes cultural and family unity.  Now Ruz is a Persian or Iranian word meaning “New Day” and marks the first day of spring.

The Now Ruz History:

Now Ruz is observed in many other countries, aside from Iran.  Consequently, the festival name is spelled in so many ways as influenced by the language of the country.  The Canadian Parliament unanimously passed a bill to add Now Ruz in the Canadian National calendar.  In 2010, the United Nation’s General Assembly officially recognized this event.

The Preliminary Now Ruz Celebration:

The celebration of the Now Ruz is recorded in the “Book of the New Year” or Nowruznama.  This book is attributed to the famous Persian mathematician and poet, Omar Khayyam.  A general spring cleaning is always done a week before the Now Ruz.

Shopping for new clothes, food, wine and flowers, such as hyacinth and tulips, are also part of the preparation.  A Hajji Firuz announces the New Year by singing and dancing on the streets in red costume and black painted face.

The Now Ruz Festivities:

Now Ruz is symbolized by fire and, because of this, community activities include fire jumping.  Float parades and school cultural and musical competitions are also held.  It is also celebrated by family reunions and visiting elders and friends with gifts of traditional food, flowers or wine.  On the 13th day, the Sizdah Bedar ritual is observed by families having outdoor picnics.

When is the Now Ruz in 2019?

Now Ruz is on March 20, 2019, a Wednesday.