Orange Days is a call to end aggression against women and girls, gave them the proper recognition in the society and pays homage to women important role in the world of men. As the saying goes women are created equal with men. A call for gender equality in the society.Time to end aggression against women and time to provide women with safeenvironment schools, and space to live in.

When is Orange Days 2014

Orange day is celebrated every year on 25th day of each month

  • Saturday 25th of January
  • Tuesday 25thof February
  • Tuesday 25th of March
  • Friday 25th of April
  • Sunday 25th of May
  • Wednesday 25th of June
  • Friday 25th of July
  • Monday 25th of  August
  • Thursday 25th of September
  • Saturday 25th of October
  • Tuesday 25th of November
  • Thursday 25th of December

Orange Days Origin

Orange Day was initiated and led by Unite campaign’s Global Youth Network in July 2012 a UN county offices and a civil society organization whose main advocacy is to ceased hostility against women and girls worldwide. As an evidence there are numerous news item circulating all around the globe on women’s trafficking, abuse, rape and killing. The Commission on the status of Women (CSW) is the leading global intergovernmental organization responsible to carry out this campaign on women equality.

Affiliates States of United Nations support and are behind the MDGs(Millennium Development Summit)  to begin with starting on February 25 Orange Day the UNITE campaign will point out the progress and achievement of the Millennium Development Goal relating with this campaign.

Ways to Commemorate Orange Days

To boost the campaign and consciousness of the whole world on gender equality, several forms of media cognizance was being launched with this campaign. To begin with UNITTE on February 25 ORANGE DAY have drafted the accomplishment and trials in the application of Millennium Development Goal (MDG) in connection in ceasing hostility against women onward at the beginning of 58th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women where government and organization will march together in the United Nation to argue on this issue and have a view on the framework of the MDG.

Several campaign was being launched in different social media website:

  • Imparting photo on Facebook and Twitter on February 25 by wearing Orange
  • Sharing assessment on Say NO-Unite facebook page on what your country has done to eradicate hostility against women
  • Last year some defined measures was discussed and attended by 61 countries and European Nation on such issue. Have your country translated the commitment Share your views on Say NO- Unite facebook page.

Facts about Orange Days

Do you know that there is another celebration similar to Orange Day that was being observed on 25th of November which is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Orange Days  Theme

  • March 25 – Trials and Achievement faced in carrying out MDG for Women and Girls
  • February 25 –Ceasing Hostility against Women and Girls must be part of the latest Development Structure
  • January 25 – Survivor Approach to Impartiality
  • 2013 General Theme – Secure Area for Women and Girls

Orange Day 2014 Special Events

A conference will be held from March 10 to March 21 to debate that brutality against women and girls still persist as principal global concern, backed up by CSW where representatives of Member States, UN entities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from all regions of the world will join together to spread the idea.

Orange Day 2015

Orange Day will take place every 25th of each month