What’s your favourite nut?  Is it peanut, walnut, chestnut or pecan?  The answer surely will be influenced by location.  In the Philippines, of the four nuts mentioned, only the peanut grows locally.  The United States of America is indeed blessed by having a wide variety of nuts.  Pecan must be the most favoured as April is America’s National Pecan Month.

When is the Pecan Day in 2018?

Pecan Day is on March 25, 2018, a Sunday.

Pecan Day is always celebrated in America on the 25th day of March each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the Pecan Day:

Pecan Day is a commemoration of the planting of a pecan tree by George Washington in Mount Vernon in 1775.  The pecan tree seedling was a gift to him by Thomas Jefferson.

This day had been observed each year as a day set aside to enjoy the tasty and only nut from a native North American tree.

What is a Pecan?

Pecan is an Algonquian word which means “a nut requiring a stone to crack.”  The pecan nut’s popularity started during the 16th century as characterized by its creamy taste and soft crunch.  It looks like a walnut but is also called “America’s own nut.”

The National Pecan Day:

Aside from the Pecan Day celebrated on March 25, April 14 is also the National Pecan Day.  This food holiday had its inaugural celebration in 1996 and had been observed annually being supported by many business groups.

The Pecan Day celebration:

Pecan Day is a fun day perfect for spending with friends cracking and eating pecan nuts.  Saving some nuts for baking would also be nice.  This can be baked into a pie, a cookie or a cupcake.  It can also be made into a candy or brittle by merely caramelizing it.

Pecan pies are meant for sharing as they can only last for a couple of hours at room temperature.  And even if refrigerated, pecan pie made of corn syrup can only last for a day.  Thus, give pecan pies on Pecan Day!

When is the Pecan Day in 2019?

Pecan Day is on March 25, 2019, a  Monday.