PURIM 2018

Every nation has its own story of celebration of freedom and deliverance from its oppressor and enemy. Israel as a nation has this very unique story of deliverance from the evil plot of their enemy and the Feast of Purim marks this day for them.

When is Purim 2018

Purim 2018 in the Gregorian calendar will begin on the evening of Wednesday, February 28 and continues until the sunset of Thursday, March 1.

The Purim holiday in the Hebrew calendar always occur on the 14th of the Hebrew month of Adar.

Purim holiday usually falls between the months of February and March in the Gregorian calendar.

The Story Behind Purim

The holiday of Purim is based on the story came from the Biblical Book of Esther where it also derived its name. Purim is a Hebrew word which means “to cast lots.” The story began when the King of Persia’s Prime Minister named Haman felt that he was insulted when a man named Mordechai who is the uncle of Esther who also became the queen next to Vashti refused to bow down to him.

Because of his great fury, he convinced the king to wipe out and annihilate all the Jews from the empire and casted lot to determine the exact date to execute his evil plot. But because God who is working behind the scene turned the tables in favour of the Jews and end up that Haman was ordered to be killed for trying to kill Queen Esther and her people. As a result, the king ordered the Jews to be armed and defend themselves against the angry Persians. They have obtained their victory after fighting against them.

How is Purim Celebrated

There are some customs during the Purim holiday that must be fulfilled which is written in the Book of Esther. Here are the following:

  • The reading of the Megillah or the Book of Esther
  • Giving of Food Gifts to friends, relatives and nieghbors.
  • Eating the festive Purim meal with the family.
  • Giving gifts and money to the less fortunate ones and those in need.

Purim 2019

Purim 2019 will take place on  the evening of Wednesday, March 20 and continues until the sunset of Thursday, March 21.