To those who love a good read, here’s a good news for you: Read a Book Day. It is the time for you to put away the daily distractions and diversions and enjoy the pleasure of reading a book.

Read a Book Day 2017

Read a Book Day 2017 will occur on a Wednesday, September 6th.

Every year, Read a Book Day is celebrated on September 6th.

Read a Book Day Origin

Read a Book Day’s origin is currently uncertain. It is possible that it stemmed from someone who loves a book, nonetheless of its roots, to best take advantage of this day, read your kind of book and enjoy it.

Book Facts

  1. Gadsby, a book written by Ernest Vincent, which contained 50,000 words has no letter ‘e’ in it.
  2. War and Peace, a book created by Leo Tolstoy, was done in a time where computers and copying machines were still unavailable. Her wife thus handwrote everything, including its manuscript copy, by seven times.
  3. The Webster Dictionary we now use as a reference took 36 years to be completed by Noah Webster.
  4. The Bible is particularly detailed especially about people, places and events. These details allow us to further research on the Bible’s credibility against non-Biblical sources. In doing so, it helps us to discover for ourselves the accuracy and fulfillment of Bible prophecies.
  5. In the Library of Congress, there are 72,466,926 books with bookshelves which extend to 327 miles.
  6. 57 books per second were being sold in America.
  7. 5 million books a day were being bought in America. Every day, 125 titles were being published.

 Interesting Ways to Celebrate Read a Book Day

Unknown to some people, books contain worlds that you wouldn’t have otherwise known just by your  own adventure. Books contain places, people, wisdom and experiences which could transport you to another dimension altogether even just by being in your seat.

Needless to say, books give you several benefits. Read a Book Day is the perfect time for you to discover its educational, entertaining and therapeutical advantages. It will be more interesting and worthwhile to share a book experience with a friend or a child. Open your favorite classic children’s book and read to a child. And don’t forget to recommend a cherished book to a friend. Having a love for literature is a good way to bond with a friend, most especially with a child.

Read a Book Day 2018

Read a Book Day 2018 will occur on a Thursday, Sunday 6th.