In the 365 days in a year, each day is a celebration for something or someone.  The most common is for a food, a cause and hero.  Minority in the list is a day for one’s self, for peace and contentment.  Few may be these days but they are equally precious and worth observance as often as possible.  To remind mankind, a special day is chosen to promote the elusive world peace.

When is Reconciliation Day in 2017?

Reconciliation Day is April 2, 2017, a Sunday.

Reconciliation Day is always observed in the United States of America on the second day of April each year.

The Origin and Purpose of Reconciliation Day:

This poignant day was promoted by Ann Landers, a newspaper columnist, since 1989.  Each year, she writes an article devoted to the need and virtue of reconciliation.  Readers’ feedbacks and queries were posted and replied to in her news page.  The day chosen is perfect to make amends to pranks which may have offended someone in the prior day’s celebration of the April Fools’ Day.

The Reconciliation Day observance:

This moving day is observed more on the personal level.  It is a day reminding people to make amends and renew relationships among family and friends.  In a more intimate manner, it is the moment for forgiving and accepting one’s self, as well as the people cared for.  It is an instance for appreciating one’s self and that of others.

With forgiveness comes acceptance.  In acceptance, genuine appreciation becomes possible.  And with appreciation comes gratitude and thanksgiving.  All these are necessary for true healing and learning lessons.  At the end of the day, this touching day enables a person to move on through life with no heavy baggage of hurt and pain.

Reconciliation Day in Other Countries:

Reconciliation Day is also observed worldwide but varies in date for each country.  Australia observes their “National Sorry Day” every May 26 of each year.  On the other hand, Angola observes their “Day of Peace and Reconciliation” every fourth day of April each year.  In South Africa, Reconciliation Day is a public holiday observed every sixteenth day of December each year.

When is Reconciliation Day in 2018?

Reconciliation Day is on April 2, 2018, a Monday.