Respect for Parents Day 2017

Respect for Parents’ day is a very significant celebration.  This day will show the world how important the role of parents is.  This day will be a chance for all people to give back to their parents the love and support they got from them throughout their lives.

When is Respect for Parents’ Day 2017?

Respect for Parents’ day will be on Tuesday August 1st, 2017.

Respect for Parents’ day is always celebrated on August 1st.

What will people do on Respect for Parents ‘Day?

During this day, children make cards for their parents or cook meals for them.  They will do chores for their parents because they want to show how much they love them.  People who are already living away from their old homes call their parents and treat them out.  They will celebrate respect for parents’ day through a family gathering.  They can have musical performances or dance numbers from family members or friends.  It is through this showcasing of talents that they show how much they love and respect their parents.

How did Respect for Parents ‘Day start?

Former President Clinton declared that every fourth Sunday of July will be national parents’ day.  Although this holiday is a bit different from respect for parents’ day, the celebrations are quite similar.  They just placed a distinction between the two holidays because giving parents respect is given more emphasis.  This day will not only be about fun and gatherings but this will include sharing of stories about respecting parents.

What is respect and why should it be given?

The dictionary defines respect as “giving high regard, thoughtfulness and being careful not to offend.”  These people who are called “parents” are the people who gave birth, raised and took care of children.  And respect for parents would mean speaking highly of them, looking after their welfare and not making them feel bad.  It is just right to give parents the respect they are due.  They have worked hard and gave so much of their time for their children. Showing respect for parents is gratitude for all the good they have done.

The ‘annoying’ parent

Parents are never perfect.  They are still humans after all.  And there are times when their rules, mannerisms, beliefs and values clash with their children’s idiosyncrasies as well.  Then the time comes when the “clashes” become big arguments that lead to falling out.     Respect for parents disappears when fights happen.  How should this be solved?  There is always the “time-out.” If a child and parent think they can’t agree with each other anymore, they should just stop their arguments right there and then have some quiet time.  They don’t have to talk to each other.  They can use this period to ponder on what to say or even think about their negative feelings for their parent or child.  They should sort out their problems immediately because it is within the family where love should always begin.

When is Respect for Parents’ day 2018?

Respect for Parents’ day will be on Wednesday August 1st, 2018.