Have you experienced the comfort which a single light, emanating from a candle, brings in a dark and cold night?  If yes, then you know hope and gratitude.  With hope and gratitude, you’ll find joy in your heart.

When is the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting in 2016

The Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting will be on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 until Saturday, January 7, 2017.

The Origin of the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting:

The Rockefeller Center, located in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Plaza, was constructed in 1931 amidst the country’s economic depression.  Due to the work generated by its creation, the workers performed their respective jobs with gratitude.  On Christmas on the said year, they made a Christmas tree out of a 20-feet spindly balsam fir tree on their muddy construction grounds.  Its decoration consisted of a few tin cans, cranberries, garlands of paper, tin foils and ends of blasting caps.

In 1932, no tree was erected.  When the Rockefeller Center was finally completed in 1933, a 50-feet tree was erected and officially marked the first Rockefeller Center Tree lighting.

The History of the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting:

In the United States of America, President Calvin Coolidge was responsible for the lighting of the first Christmas Tree in 1923.  Since then on, the Christmas tree became the symbol of joy, peace and hope for the millions of people.  After the first official Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting in 1933, it had been observed annually.  It became a symbol of the holidays in New York City.

In 1936, two 70-feet trees were lit.  This year marked the addition of the Ice Skating Pond in Rockefeller Center.  The year’s Tree Lighting ceremony featured the first Skating Pageant.  In 1942, Rockefeller Center had three trees.  One tree was in red, the other in white and the last in blue.  The year’s Tree Lighting ceremony raised funds to support the World War II troops abroad.

The Rockefeller Tree had always been chosen from all trees offered as donation in the United States of America.  But in 1966, a tree had been chosen outside of the country.  Canada donated a tree as part of their Centennial celebration of their Confederation.  In 1999, the largest tree in history, standing a hundred feet tall, came from Killingworth, Connecticut.  Since 2004, the Rockefeller Center Tree was topped by the largest most beautiful star – the Swarovski Crystal Star.

How the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting is celebrated:

On Christmas Eve, the Rockefeller Center Tree shall remain lighted for twenty four hours.  However, on New Year’s Eve, the tree’s light will be turned off at 9 in the evening in anticipation of the New Year’s celebration in Times Square.

It is advised that people come to this celebration wearing comfortable shoes, warm clothes and an umbrella.  For better viewing, advanced booking of tickets sold online may be done.  Watching the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting is a perfect way to bond with friends.