Saint Swithin’s Day 2017

Saint Swithin’s Day is not only a day to honor Swithin, Winchester’s Anglo-Saxon bishop, but also a day to watch the weather closely. Indeed, inspite of Swithin’s legacies, St. Swithin’s Day is remembered for its legend which says that whether it rains or shines on St. Swithin’s Day, that same weather will continue on for the next 40 days.

St. Swithin’s Day 2017

On July 15th, it’s St. Swithin’s Day. It falls on a Saturday.

St. Swithin’s Day always celebrated on July 15th.

St. Swithin’s Day: Behind the Legend

Swithin, in his lifetime, was in dedication of service as a Bishop of Winchester since October 852 until his death on July 2, between the year 862 and 865. He was also said to be Æthelwulf’s (King of Wessex) spiritual adviser. As a result, the king donated a large portion of his royal land to Swithun for building and altering several churches. Æthelwulf’s son, Alfred, was also tutored by Swithin.

As a bishop, his famous miracle was repairing a basket of eggs from a Winchester egg-woman and Queen Emma’s tribulation.

On his dying moments, he wished to be buried outside the church’s thresholds so that passersby could walk past his grave and raindrops would fall simultaneously.

St. Swithin’s Enduring Legend

According to the legend, St. Swithin’s request to be buried outside the church’s walls was infringed when his remnants were dug up to be moved in an indoor shrine. This happened in 971 after he had been publicly declared as Winchester Cathedral’s patron saint. This very same day, it rained and went on for 40 days, thus the legend.

Since the legend wasn’t supported by any heavy evidence, it remains simply a legend until now.

When is St. Swithin’s Day 2018

On July 15th, it’s St. Swithin’s Day. It falls on a Sunday.