Save The Rhino Day is celebrated to make the world aware of the races of “Rhino”. This is a day to remind the world, Rhinos are also a part of our world and these animals have right to remain in this world.

When is Save the Rhino Day 2017

Save the rhino Day will take place on Monday, May 1st, 2017

Save the rhino Day is celebrated every year on the 1st of May.

Save The Rhino Day Origin

Rhino or Rhinos races was once a large race and these animals used to graze among the savannas and forests, but due to illegal poaching now this race has become on the brink of extinction. To save this race world rhino day is celebrated to make the world aware of this race, so that this race may be saved from extinction and once again this race may gaze largely among the savannas and forests.

Save The Rhino Day Celebration

Rhino s are natural elements and these animals make forests and savannas look more beautiful and natural. So everyone should celebrate this day in their own way. Here are some examples that you may keep in mind.

  • In this day we may arrange seminars and conferences on Rhino.
  • Make people aware of poaching and inspire people to stop poaching.
  • Inspire children to draw pictures and to make statue of rhinos, so that they might start to love this race and in future help this race to become vast at nature again.
  • We can celebrate this day by making posters and placards and using those in a public rally at this very day.

Save The Rhino Day Fact

Rhinos are at the brink of extinction for our careless poaching. Saving this race is the main fact for this day. Here are some other facts.

  • At this day we should remind the world of the importance of rhino races and significance of these animals presence in the forests and saunas.
  • To make people aware of poaching, so that illegal poaching may stop and animals like rhinos can be saved from extinction and ecology of forest can be kept as it was before.
  • To create affection to human being for this race.
  • To ensure natural breading of rhinos and increase numbers of rhinos at natural places than zoos.
  • To let the future generation know of the importance of its presence.

When is Save The Rhino day 2018

Save the rhino Day will occur on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018.