With all honesty, can you still recall the name of your school librarian?  Bet you do remember the spectacles she wears and how she places her pointer finger on her lips to signify silence.  But as to her name and where she lives, I doubt you even know or remember!  To make up for this oversight, why don’t you join this year’s observance of the School Librarian Day?

When is the School Librarian Day in 2017?

The School Librarian Day is on April 4, 2017, a Tuesday.

The School Librarian Day is generally observed in the United States of America on the fourth day of April each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the School Librarian Day:

There is no official record as to the origin of this special day.  It is, however, highly supported by the American Library Association, and may be observed on other dates in April each year.  Its purpose though is to pay tribute to all school librarians in the country for their great contribution in the education of the youth.

The Observance of the School Librarian Day:

In return to the school librarians’ hard work, patience and dedication, the School Librarian Day is observed.  It won’t hurt, and in fact will do much good, to show respect to the school librarians’ assistance in the development of young minds through good reading and reference materials.

Appreciation may be shown through:

  • A smile and a simple “Thank you;”
  • Paying a sincere compliment;
  • Sending an ecard or a note of gratitude for the constant assistance;
  • Donating a good book to the school library;
  • Preparing a pleasant surprise by decorating the entrance of the library with a poster or a banner honouring the holiday;
  • Offer volunteer clerical work at the school library;
  • Give the school librarian a rose, a cup of cocoa or a cupcake; or,
  • Contribute an article at the school paper on how important the school librarians are.

When is the School Librarian Day in 2018?

The School Librarian Day is on April 4, 2018, a Wednesday.