Have you ever wanted to do or experience something extraordinary out of the blue? If you have, you must have been so ecstatic about it.  You also have another reason to be glad since it is Serendipity day!  This is when these unintentional discoveries that led to amazing events are given tribute.

When is Serendipity Day 2017?

Serendipity Day is on Friday August 18th, 2017.

Serendipity Day is celebrated once a year on August 18th.

How did Serendipity Day begin?

Being able to find something or someone in the most unexpected time and place just feels so good.  It is enough to declare to the world that it is worth celebrating it like a holiday.  A writer named Madeleine Kay came up with this holiday and to share with others how living life to its fullest is done. It started last August 18, 2010.

What will people do on Serendipity Day?

If you cannot think of ways to celebrate Serendipity day, that’s not a problem! All you have to do is step out of your routine and do things you have always wanted to do.  Some suggestions can be making surprise donations to charity, making a big step towards getting the promotion you wanted, helping someone step out of their comfort zones, getting in touch with someone you have lost contact with in years or simply making new friends.  There are tons of ways you can think of for as long as you can say to yourself you enjoy all that life has to give.

Why not become a Life Coach?

There may be readers out there who think they have accomplished everything.  They can still celebrate Serendipity day by helping someone who thinks they have not accomplished anything or if they need to take a big step towards a goal but is still afraid to try.  They can start by encouraging them and helping them set their goals.  They can start with a wardrobe makeover then having a positive mindset.  They can continue doing this for that person until there is improvement or the goal has been achieved.

Fate and Destiny

A professor of Feng-Sui named Charlie Chao, the Chinese art of arranging an environment, in an episode of Philippine-based, Amoy television series AmTv, once said “Fate will lead you to your destiny.” What did he exactly mean?  The answer is? You.  Yes.  Just you.  As he explained, all the events that happen in life will direct a person to where he is supposed to be.  But whatever the person does in those events will form how his destiny looks like.

Living life to the fullest is not a sudden “click-of-a-light-bulb-in-the-head” thing.  It is a combination of taking one step at a time, years of hard work, perseverance, and making choices.  In the movie, Serendipity, Sarah and Jonathan couldn’t have ended up together had they not chosen to.  Through the years they have not been together, they have always kept a positive attitude that they will see each other again.  They also did their part by trying to find each other.

In a nutshell, it is about doing what you can with the current situation in your life.

When is Serendipity Day 2018?

Serendipity Day is on Saturday August 18th, 2018.