Who would not remember the line of this song “Sunny days sweepin’ the clouds away…?”  Sesame Street has been a very popular children’s show since the late 1960’s.  The show’s many awards are proof to its success and positive social impact.  It is just right for this show to have its own “holiday.”  And for all the generations who have experienced the best of Sesame Street, Sesame Street day is for them too.

When is Sesame Street Day 2017?

Sesame Street Day 2017 is on Friday, November 10, 2017.

Sesame Street Day is celebrated every November 10.

When did Sesame Street Day Begin?

In the 1960’s, watching television was already the past time of most American children.  But ‘good’ children’s shows were relatively scarce that time.  So Sesame Street’s producer, Joan Ganz Cooney thought of a way to use television to teach children, especially pre-schoolers about educational basics such as counting and letters of the alphabet.  Her aim was also to reach out to children of all economic classes.

With the help of co-founder Lloyd Morrisett, and a $1 million grant, the Children’s Television Workshop was created and on November 10, 1969, the pilot episode was aired.  The participation of Jim Henson and his Muppets was soon incorporated and Sesame Street was formed.  It was not only made to encourage younger children to watch but their older siblings and parents as well.

What will People Do on Sesame Street Day?

On Sesame Street day, guest appearances of the show’s characters like Elmo, Big Bird and the others are held on 123 Sesame Street.  (This was formerly the corner of 64 St. and Broadway on Lincoln Square in New York City.)  Fans of Sesame Street also attend conventions in malls or watch their favorite episodes online or on DVD.  They can also buy Sesame Street merchandise in several stores.

When is Sesame Street Day 2018?

Sesame Street Day 2018 is on Saturday, November 10, 2018.