It is amazing how many alternatives there are for Valentine’s Day!  True, not all are blessed to be loved by the person loved.  All over the world, people live in with the status of single blessedness or happily separated.  Thus, it is good that special days in February cover all people of different culture, race, country and state.

When is the Singles Awareness Day in 2018?

The Singles Awareness Day is on February 15, 2018, a Thursday.

The Singles Awareness Day is usually observed worldwide on the day after Valentine’s Day each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the Singles Awareness Day:

There’s vagueness as to who really created this funny holiday or when it started.  Some reference gives credit to Trevor Mcwanda while another gives tribute to Dustin Barnes of the Mississippi State University.  The only thing that’s clear is its purpose:  a day to celebrate love for free and unattached people, either by choice or by circumstance.

The Singles Awareness Day celebration:

The Single Awareness or Appreciation Day, observed on the day after Valentine’s Day, is an opportunity for all single people to celebrate life and love for self.  Though the day’s initial is SAD, it is aimed to make happy those who didn’t qualify to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic partner.  Activities may include doing things for own self, such as giving gifts or flowers to yourself.

Appropriate activities on this day consist of meeting new people through online dating sites or singles parties.  Hosting a party where invited guests are requested to bring gifts, meant to be exchanged during the party, is also a fun way of celebrating the event.  Wearing green is also promoted in contrast to Valentine’s Day colour red theme.

When is the Singles Awareness Day in 2019?

The Singles Awareness Day is on February 14, 2019, a Thursday.