Spiderman day is one amazing event.  This day is when fans can get together and “worship” their hero, Peter Parker.  This day also gives due credit to Spiderman’s creator.  Spiderman day will be a time to indulge into the world of make-believe.

When is Spiderman Day 2017?

Spiderman day 2017 is on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017. 

Spiderman day is always celebrated on August 1st.

What will people do on Spiderman Day?

Anyone can think of creative ways to honor the web-slinging hero.  People can have a marathon and watch all seasons of the Spiderman animated series or watch all 3 movies starring Toby Maguire.  They can even attend or organize conventions about Spiderman.  They can trade comic books, dress up in Spiderman costume and discuss about why they like him.  Restaurants can also create “Spiderman day” themed menus.  Museums can showcase their Spiderman memorabilia.  They can even do “fight crime for a day” and do good deeds just like Spiderman. 

How did Spiderman Day start?

Spiderman was created by Stan Lee in the 60’s.  It was around August 1962 when the character appeared in a magazine.  So perhaps whoever thought of creating this day as Spiderman day wanted people to remember the debut of Peter Parker because he is to also become an icon in the entertainment world.  He can even be considered more popular than other stars in Hollywood. 

But why Spiderman?

Peter Parker aka Spiderman was an ordinary person with an ordinary life.  A lot of people can relate to him.  He was down-to-earth but still he bravely faced villains that were out of this world.  And his belief that his powers come with responsibility, shows his vulnerable mortal side even more.  Putting one’s self in the shoes of a hero and vice versa always feels good.  This means fiction is truer, as quoted by Frederic Raphael.   A fantasy granted.

When is Spiderman Day 2018?

Spiderman day is on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018.

For next year, everyone can spend one whole day with their web-slinging hero.

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