Busy work schedules, almost unending home chores and time-consuming entertainments. These activities often leave little or no time for couples to spend time together. What is the result? Spouses often feel neglected, uncared for and unappreciated. So, a specific day was created to give couples a time to show their love and appreciation for each other. It is a chance to celebrate your better half this Spouses Day!

Spouses Day 2018

Spouses Day 2018 will be celebrated on January 26, 2018, Friday.

Spouses Day takes place every year on the 26th of January.

Spouses Day History

Spouses Day is different from Military Spouses Day which takes place in May, on Friday prior to Mother’s Day. No information about the creator of this day or the date of origin has been found. However, the purpose of this day is obvious.

Spouses Day is a time to recognize and appreciate your better half. It is an opportunity to do something special and show your spouse that you care for him/her. What’s more special is that you don’t need to buy a gift to celebrate this day. Each couple can enjoy it even in small ways. Remember, it’s the thought that counts! The important thing on this day is that you spend time and enjoy with your lifelong partner.

Spouses Day Celebration

  • When was the last time you said ‘I love you’ to your partner? You can say it many times this day, but of course it should come from the heart.
  • Before marriage, you may have sent many romantic texts to the love of your life. Now, you can reminisce the past by sending romantic messages via text, fb or twitter, any way you like.
  • Write a poem or a song for your mate that expresses how you treasure his/her company.
  •  Stick a ‘love note’ on your spouse’s car or lunchbox.
  • Prepare his/her favorite meal. You can add spark by putting lovely decorations.
  • Offer to do your spouse’s chores. Maybe you can do the dishes or clean the kitchen.
  • Watch a good movie together. Let your spouse choose a favorite flick without complaining.
  •  Go for a walk, even if the weather is not that good. Maybe it’s been a long time since you had a romantic walk in the rain or snow.
  • Talk about the good old times you had together. Recall how you fell in love and the dreams you both made. Well, communication is a big key to a successful and lasting marriage.

Spouses Day 2019

Spouses Day 2019 will be celebrated on Saturday, January 26, 2019.