Sugar Cookie Day 2017

Sugar Cookie Day is the day to celebrate one’s sweet tooth by feasting on sugar cookies. So on this day, sit back and relax as we go back to one of the favorite childhood treats: sugar cookies. Only this time, we celebrate it in various and more exciting ways.

Sugar Cookie Day 2017

Sugar Cookie Day 2017 will happen on Sunday, 9th of July.

Sugar Cookie Day is always celebrated on July, 9th

Origin of Sugar Cookie Day

Unfortunately, there is no apparent and credible source about this day. However, it is still a well-endorsed holiday, so don’t pass up the chance to celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day.

What Happens on Sugar Cookie Day

Let’s admit it: we’ve all had sugar cookies before. As a child, we enjoyed our share of cookies, and even delighted in making and sharing them. National Sugar Cookie Day is primarily for that, to remember those days only in improved ways. What are these improved ways?

Sugar Cookie Day Activities

As the name suggests, Sugar Cookie Day, one way to celebrate this day is to bake sugar cookies. After baking your set of cookies, now what?

First, you can have sugar cookie barter. You send invitations to your families, friends or relatives, depending on your preference, and each of you will present his own version of sugar cookies. Perhaps the other has a chocolate-sprinkled sugar cookie and the other has a peanut butter filled sugar cookie. The purpose of this activity is to have a wider range of sugar cookie varieties.

Next, you can have sugar cookie alternatives. Mostly, in this activity you think of creative ways in which you can put or add sugar cookies. For instance, you can pulverize your sugar cookie and put it in your favorite ice cream or cake. Now your sugar cookie isn’t just a regular cookie, isn’t it?

Lastly, you can have a sugar cookie giveaway. Simply put, you present your sugar cookie possibly to a friend, family or sweetheart as a gift. What better way to celebrate this childhood keepsake than to give it away heartily, right?

Have a Taste of Sweetness in Sugar Cookie Day

As a child, when we hear the word cookies, our eyes light up. We remember it as an irresistible treat, often paired with a glass of milk. The time passed need not necessarily change your fondness for such a treat. So on this Cookie Day, engage yourself in the fun of remembering and rediscovering another way to enjoy your cookie, decorating an ordinary sugar-filled cookie, or simply delighting in the sweetness of your cookie.

Sugar Cookie Day 2018

Sugar Cookie Day 2018 will happen on Monday, 9th of July.