The purpose of celebrating Sustainable House day is to aware people about the benefits and uses of energy in their house. It is mostly celebrated in Australia as a national event in the sense of inviting the interested public to take a look in their houses to learn about the different energy sources. People avail the opportunity to learn about a good sustainable living by talking to the house owners.

When was Sustainable House day 2017?

Sustainable House day  2017 will (probably) be celebrated on Sunday, 10th September.

Sustainable House day is almost always celebrated on the second Sunday of September

Origin of the Sustainable House day:

The origin of the Sustainable House day is not yet found, but it’s been celebrated since 12 years. Probably the reason of origin of this particular event was to raise the awareness of the benefits of energy and its efficiency. The origin may have taken place in Australia, as it is celebrated there mostly. The idea was to learn the techniques of green energy systems and to make houses greener.

Celebration of the Sustainable House day:

You can celebrate this national event by inviting the people in your circle to learn from your house’s green energy system, then, you can visit there houses for the same purpose too. Apply all the good aspects you learned from each house you visited.

Tell your friends about the energy efficiency and the methods to make their houses more sustainable. 

When is Sustainable House day 2018?

Sustainable House day  2018 will (probably) be celebrated on Sunday, 9th September.