Swimming is one of the recommended activities for people having coronary artery disease.  An hour each day spent swimming exercises the lungs and the whole body, in general.  Proper breathing is observed and, with the introduction of aqua aerobics, it can be a very interesting thing to do.

When is the Swim Day in 2017?

Swim Day will be observed on July 21 to 23, 2017, Friday till Sunday.

Swim Day is celebrated annually every third weekend in July.

Swim Day History and Purpose:

The Swim Day Festival is observed in Fairfield annually.  Fairfield is a town in country of Teton in Montana, United States of America.  It is the self-proclaimed “Malting Barley capital of the World.”  It is populated by only 708 people, per the US 2010 Census, who only started settling in the town in 1909 receiving 320 acres of free land from the government.

Swim Day is, in reality, a fund raising campaign to support the operations of the Ernie Thorn Memorial Swimming Pool in Fairfield’s central park.  It is also a three-day festival for family and community reunions.  Indirectly, this event promotes trade and tourism in their state.

Swim Day Celebration:

Swim Day always starts with a barbeque and pie socials at the park in the evening of the first day.  This is immediately followed by a silent community auction and a party.  The next two days consist of activities, such as, golf tournaments, fun and games at the swimming pool, fun run, concert, parade, carnival, street dance and swimming tournaments.

Several booths showing off local products and food for sale are also found in the park.  Tours are also conducted to tourist areas in the area.  And at the end of the festival, awards are given out to the winners of the different events.

When is the Swim Day in 2018?

Swim Day will be on July 20 till 22, 2018, Friday till Sunday.