Take Back Your Time Day 2017

It would be very nice that for once in a person’s busy life he can just cancel an appointment and walk and play with his dog.   Or better yet, a person can continue the crochet she has been working on.  On Take Back Your Time Day, not only are people encouraged to cancel appointments to make time for hobbies and pets, but for really important people such as families and friends.

When is Take Back Your Time Day 2017?

Take Back Your Time Day 2017 is on Tuesday, October 24, 2017.

Take Back Your Time is celebrated every year on October 24.

How did Take Back Your Time Day begin?

Take back your time day has just been recently launched.  This started as a project of Cornell University from the Center of Religion, Ethics and Social Policy.  The reason for choosing October 22 as Take Back Your Time Day is unknown.  But the purpose of the project is to address the issues of strained relationships because of “time famine.”

A person’s health is also affected because of spending too much time in the workplace and only eating fast-food because he has a tight schedule.  Some people cannot even participate in community and religious activities because they are “busy.”

What will people do on Take Back Your Time Day?

If a person feels he has not had a vacation in a long time, they can use Take Back Your Time Day as their “day-off”  Families who have not spoken to each other need to meet and talk about recent happenings while they eat meals on the table together.  Or if a person has always been overburdened with tasks then this day can be a start to organize his schedules, prioritize tasks, or start a routine.  If there’s a will then there’s a way to take back your time.

It Is All About Balance

Others might say “I’m doing 16-hour overtime for my family;” and their families are complaining that he/she is hardly at home with them.  Or a student missed a family reunion because of a sports training and said “I didn’t attend our family gathering because I love playing this sport so much!”  Taking back your time is also about dividing time for everything.

In one day, a person can divide his 24 hours to all the things he is supposed to do.  Provided, that he doesn’t procrastinate and he is driven to complete his schedule for that day, which will include rest, visiting relatives or attending a friend’s birthday.  Distractions are never allowed in a tight schedule. This may just lead to missing more important things.

But with day-to-day errands such as picking up laundry and cleaning the house, if these tasks can be delegated then why not delegate?  After all, with so many things to do in a household, 3 sets of hands are better than two.

When is Take Back Your Time Day 2018?

Take Back Your Time Day 2018 is on Tuesday, October 24, 2018.