Tell a Joke Day is the perfect day for jokes. It is the time for your jokes to shine and for you to laugh along with other people’s jokes. Don’t let this day pass without cracking a smile!

Tell a Joke Day 2017

Tell a Joke Day 2017 falls on a Wednesday, August 16th.

Tell a Joke Day happens on August 16 annually.

Tell a Joke Day Origin

There were no records supporting the history of Tell a Joke Day.  Although there were no records found about its origin, it’s a suitable opportunity for you to try your hand at your hidden jokes and make someone laugh.

What’s your Joke?

Everybody has a joke to say. National Tell a Joke Day gives you the chance to tell yours. Whether it is from a personal experience or an overheard joke, make sure to bring laughter or even just amusement on someone’s day.

Tell a Joke Day also encourages everyone to spread the fun. It’s the time to exchange hilarious stories or punch lines. Do you have an entertaining message, picture or e-mail to share? Share it. But keep in mind that the jokes you share will not be hurtful or offensive to anyone. As long as it is funny, let the laughter be contagious.

Tell a Joke Day 2018

Tell a Joke Day 2018 falls on a Thursday, August 16th.

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