Is there some truth that you want to share and relieve yourself from? The Tell the Truth Day is the ideal time. It is an annual holiday when everyone is invited to tell the truth for an entire day. No half-truths or white lies—just plain truth.

Tell the Truth Day 2017

Tell the Truth 2017 falls on Friday, 7th of July.

Tell the Truth  is always celebrated on 7th of July.

What People Do in Tell the Truth Day?

Curiously, although no one can truly inform about the roots of Tell the Truth Day and its original customs, on this day, people simply tell the truth. Though it is an easy instruction, it is oftentimes difficult to do. This might be the reason why telling the truth day was created for this purpose: to disentangle a person from any web of lies and simply tell the truth for an entire day.

In a movie A Few Good Men, there was a memorable line mentioned, “You can’t handle the truth!” How does this clear yet forceful line ring true until now? Sometimes, lies are told to soften up the painful truth. To those who anticipate a particular gain, they beautify or even alter the truth. Thus, it is not surprising to see compromises and adjustments when it comes to telling the truth.

What if I Cheat on Tell the Truth Day?

Interestingly, what if just to humor yourself and other people you choose to deviate and cheat on Tell the Truth Day? Since everyone else is doing the customary behavior of telling the truth, you might choose to be a little different.

What is your idea of cheating on Tell the Truth Day?

Join the Fun in Tell the Truth Day

On National Tell the Truth Day, as you tell the truth as it is without any sugar-coats, you might even be doing yourself a favor. No matter how simple, funny or major the truths you tell on tell the truth day, it can bring the same results of feeling free and having an enjoyable experience at the same time. The truth you try to hide might amazingly turn out to be a minor and even amusing piece of information. So dare yourself to tell the truth, who knows, you might particularly like this truth day and eventually end up applying it everyday.

Tell the Truth Day 2018

Tell the Truth 2018 falls on Saturday, 7th of July.

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