When a day is designated as a National Day, it connotes remembrance of a past event which may be good or bad.  Nonetheless, remembering is imperative to ensure that a lesson is learned.  In some cases, it is designed to be a preventive, if not a lessening, measure.

When is the 2017 National Day of Mourning

The National Day of Mourning is on November 23, 2017, a Thursday.

The National Day of Mourning is always on the 4th Thursday of November of each year.

The Origin of the National Day of Mourning

The National Day of Mourning was conceptualized by the United American Indians of New England in November 4, 1970 as an annual protest by the native Americans of New England.

  They had chosen to do annual protest while the country celebrates its Thanksgiving Day.  In the West Coast, they call the National Day of Mourning as the “Unthanksgiving Day.”

How the National Day of Mourning is celebrated in the United States of America

The purpose of the creation of the National Day of Mourning is to honour the surviving Indians and to educate the Americans about their history.  The Native Indians insist that what is written is false.  Thus, observance of the National Day of Mourning is a remembrance of the massacre and continued suffering of the native American people. The celebration of this special day has become a tourist attraction.  It starts with the people, dressed in 17th century costume, gathering at a church on the site of the Pilgrim’s original meeting house.  After prayers are said and a sermon served, the participants march to Plymouth Rock.

National Day of Mourning in other countries

80 countries worldwide are also observing the National Day of Mourning.  True to form, it has remained a protest movement over a certain event or issue involving, among others, the country’s workers, political head, ecology or racial discrimination. The manner of celebrating it varies depending on the reason of the national day’s promulgation.  Unlike the American National Day of Mourning, this special day is not an annual event in other countries.  Its frequency depends on events that may occur.  And for as long as world peace remains elusive, there will always be days of national mourning.

When is the 2018 National Day of Mourning

National Day of Mourning will be on November 22, 2018, a Thursday.