Have you ever made a donation to UNICEF?  When you did, were you aware how your donation is going to be used and who would benefit from it?  UNICEF is the acronym for United Nations Children Fund.  This organization is based in New York City but operates in 191 countries and territories worldwide.  If you haven’t ever donated to it, now would be the best time!

When is the UNICEF Birthday in 2014, 2015,2016?

The UNICEF Birthday is anytime during 2014,2 015 or 2015. It happens whenever a person celebrates his birthday by donating it to UNICEF.

Purpose and History of UNICEF:

The UNICEF works for children’s rights, survival, development and protection.  In December 11, 1946, the United Nations General Assembly created UNICEF, under a different name, to provide emergency food and healthcare to children in countries greatly damaged by World War 2.  After attaining its initial purpose, it officially became UNICEF to offer a continuous humanitarian support to children and mothers in developing countries.

The UNICEF Birthday celebration:

Guided by the Convention on Rights of the Child, UNICEF has to ensure adequate funding for its cause.  On children right issues, UNICEF is highly supported by the media, national and local governments, nongovernment organizations, professionals in various fields of expertise and corporations as part of their social responsibility.

Though UNICEF receives contributions from governments, private donors, corporations and civic groups, they do massive fund raising campaigns to ensure the attainment of their goal.  These consist of selling online UNICEF cards and various gift items.  Eventually, the UNICEF Birthday came to existence.  This is a call for the general public to donate their birthday to UNICEF.  This is simply done by asking friends and family to donate to UNICEF under the birthday celebrant’s name.  Another way is to buy their birthday gifts from UNICEF.

 When is the UNICEF Birthday in 2014, 2015,2016?

The UNICEF Birthday will be celebrated on any day in 2014 for as long as people donate their birthday to UNICEF.