Each person goes through life dealing with his own survival.  The immediate community affecting each person is the family.  In turn, the family interacts with a community which belongs to a city and a country.  Despite culture, country and history, mankind lives in one planet.  Should peoples of all earth nations fail to uphold peace, the world wouldn’t be a nice place to live in.

When is the United Nations Day in 2017?

United Nations Day is on October 24, 2017, a Tuesday.

United Nations Day is observed annually on the 24th day of October.

History of the United Nations Day:

The first name of the United Nations was League of Nations.  It was primarily organized for peacekeeping missions.  Due to the occurrence of the World War II, the group refocused their purpose and approach.

On October 24, 1945, the United Nation was created with its five permanent country members consisting of France, United States of America, China, United Kingdom and Soviet Union.  The first United Nations Day was celebrated in October 24, 1948.

The United Nations Day celebration:

The United Nations Day is a global observance and part of the United Nations Week observed annually from the 20th till the 26th of October.  It is the anniversary of the groups’ charter and recognizes the value of the organization’s work.

Activities are spearheaded through its five offices worldwide located in New York City, its main headquarter; Hague, Netherlands; Geneva, Switzerland; Vienna, Austria; and, Nairobi, Kenya.  These activities include meetings, exhibits, discussions, cultural performances, concerts, flying of the United Nations flag and proclamations by state heads and leaders.

World Development Information Day:

The United Nations Day is concelebrated with the World Development Information Day.  It was first held in October 24, 1973.  Its undertakings attract all forms of media and draws awareness of global views to development predicaments and the need to fortify international collaboration to solve them.

When is the United Nations Day in 2018?

United Nations Day is on October 24, 2018, a Wednesday.