USO DAY 2018

In many occasions, we give much importance to people we see up front in any event, activity or movement.  Take a television news casting show for an example.  People all over the country who get to watch the news each day surely remembers the anchor newscasters.  But what they don’t know is the hard work put in by a dozen or so people who do the work of newswriting, production, advertising and all other tasks needed to make the show possible.

When is the USO Day in 2018?

The USO Day is on February 4, 2018 a Sunday.

The United States Organizations (USO) Day is always observed on the fourth day of February each year.

The Origin of the USO:

USO stands for United States Organizations, Incorporated.  It is a non-profit umbrella company consisting of six civilian organizations:  the Salvation Army, Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), National Catholic Community Service, National Travellers Aid Association and National Jewish Welfare Board.

This organization was founded on February 4, 1941 in response to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s request to lift the spirits of troops and their families.  This had been achieved through the provision of services, programs and live entertainment, known as the USO Show, to US troops and their families.  Their motto is “Until Every One Comes Home.”

The USO Day celebration:

The USO Day is to pay tribute to the United States Organizations, Incorporated who boosted the morale of the US soldiers and their families during wartime.  The annual observance is based on its foundation date.  The group isn’t a government agency although it was chartered congressionally and works with the Department of Defence.

To meet their goal, USO is sustained by donations and fund raising campaigns.  Thus, the USO Day is best observed by giving to the cause in cash or services.  Another way is conducting revenue earning activities like concerts or sports competitions.  Hollywood stars, such as Marilyn Monroe, had performed for free to soldiers in USO’s Camp Shows. The entertainment industry had always been supportive of these events as proof of their patriotism.

When is the USO Day in 2019?

USO Day is on February 4, 2019, a Monday.