V-E DAY 2017

Wars plunge nations into great turmoil.  Aside from its damage to property and lives of the armed forces, civilians are caught in the middle of the fight.  Mothers worry over their boys called to war.  Wives fear for the future of their children.  These emotional pain brought about conflicts among countries are more precious than infrastructures destroyed.  Ending of wars then worthy of great celebrations!

When is the V-E Day in 2017?

V-E Day is on May 8, 2017, a Monday.

V-E Day is always observed in the United States of America, on the eighth day of May, each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the V-E Day:

2015 marks  the 70 years since the end of the second world war in Europe.

Also referred to as VE Day or Victory in Europe Day, this annual public holiday commemorates the end of the World War 2 in Europe on May 7, 1945.  This special day is celebrated by the European Allied Nations and territories involved on the said war.  Each country though has chosen an annual day of celebration and occasion name, as follows:

  • Italy – Festa Della Liberazione observed on April 25.  This day also commemorates the day in 1945 when Milan was liberated from the Nazi soldiers;
  • Denmark – The Liberation observed every May 5;
  • United Kingdom – May Day Bank Holiday observed every May 8;
  • France – Victoire 1945;
  • Norway – Liberation Day observed every May 8;
  • Slovakia – Victory over Fascism Day;
  • Czech Republic – Day of Liberation;
  • Poland – Day of Victory;
  • East Germany – Day of Liberation observed every May 9;
  • Ukraine – Victory Day observed every May 9;
  • Belarus – Victory Day observed every May 9;
  • Russia – Victory Day observed every May 9; ,
  • Kazakhstan – Victory Day observed every May 9.

Liberation Day is also observed on May 9 each year in Jersey and Guemsey of the British Channel Islands.  Sark, on the other hand, had chosen May 10.

The V-E Day Celebration:

Being a public holiday, business establishments and government offices cease operations.  When the date falls on a Friday, people take the chance to go on vacations for the long weekend.  Otherwise, celebration is done in the comfort of their homes through family gatherings or an outdoor barbecue party with friends.

In certain cities, festivals and parades are organized.  Communities participate through hosting fairs where native products are displayed in stalls.  Firework displays are also featured in the evening prior to concerts and various performances of local artists.

When is the V-E Day in 2018?

V-E Day is on May 8, 2018, a Tuesday.