There are two special days for avid video gamers out there: Video Games Day and National Video Games Day. What sets them apart? Video Games Day is your chance to relish with your favorite video games in a local level. National Video Games Day, on the other hand, is a nationally established celebration for video games. Essentially, these two days are good chances for you to sit back and enjoy a video game marathon as a way to celebrate the significant progress of video games.

Video Game Day 2020 And National Video Games Day 2020

Video Game Day on 2020 falls on Wednesday, 8th of July, While National Video Games Day happens on  12th of September.

Video Game Day  is always celebrated on 8th of July. While National Video Games Day  is always celebrated on 12th of September.

National Video Games Day

National Video Games Day, a national celebration for video games, happens on a Thursday, September 12th.

All About Video Games

When was the last time you played a video game? With the help of the latest technology nowadays like tablets and Iphone applications, it is becoming more accessible for us to play video games. Although it has become easier for us to play video games, have you stopped and thought about the simple beginnings of video games?

Oddyssey which was created in 1972 was the first officially acknowledged video game. But before this official video game, Thomas Goldsmith in 1947, first created “Cathode ray tube Amusement Device”- mainly it is made of missiles fired at targets. Earlier video games are as follows: NIMROD computer in 1951, OXO tic-tac-toe in 1952, and “Spacewar!” in 1961.

Ready, Set, Game!

Clearly, video games have made our recreation time more enjoyable and mind-challenging as years passed. Yet oftentimes, due to personal responsibilities, we don’t often get the chance to play anymore. That’s what Video Game Day and National Video Games Day are for, we get to acknowledge and appreciate such enjoyment that video games offer. How do we do this?

One apparent way is to play video games. But why not take the chance to organize challenging yet pleasurable video games that you and your friends could enjoy? Either on Video Game Day or National Video Games Day, you could go back to the video games that you and your friends used to play and at the same time enjoy the old times; this could also serve as your bonding time. Perhaps could also arrange some prizes for the winners just to make it more exciting.

Video Game Day 2021

Video Game Day on 2021 falls on Thursday, 8th of July, While National Video Games Day happens on 12th of September.

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