World Development Information Day is an important day on a calendar that distinguishes the essential and vital significance of dependable and reliable information scattered crossways to fight and resolve global issues such as lack and insufficiency in all aspects. 

When is World Development Information Day 2017

World Development Information Day will take place on Tuesday, 24th of October.

World Development Information Day is always observed on October 24.

World Development Information Day Origin

The United Nations General Assembly introduced World Development Information Day on October 24, 1972 which corresponds with the United Nations Day also observed on the same date every year to emphasize the vital role of development in the UN’s work.On 17th day of December, 1972 the United Nations General Assembly passed the resolution 3038 (XXVII) stating that this observance emboldens and promotes a wide-range awareness of the world public opinion to development problems and the valuable necessity of giving emphasis to global collaboration to solve them.

This event also aims that the proper distribution and spreading of information on global issues to general public, especially to the younger generation will create such responsiveness that will propel for faster and more feasible solutions through the information and communication technologies. The first World Development Information Day was held on 24th of October, 1973 and has been held on this period every year since then. 

Whoop it up in the World Development Information Day

World Development Information Day is a considerable matter that the world is observing once a year. Every individual has its own way and approach to contribute and take part on this global observance. With the help of social media, there are transformation and wide-range solution being gathered from the people using the internet. These people can’t just twitch their shoulders when the solution to social, political, environmental and economic issues that affects every individual is found on the tip of their fingers. You can’t afford to be inconsiderate and ignore it. You’ll going to do something about it. And that is the main objective of this event.

The following are simple ways to engage and be involved in this global awareness:

  • You can attend a seminar that promotes on information promulgation regarding the recurrent issues around the globe or rather watch its live streaming if there is.
  • Some local media encourages young people to send their news from the ground and have their own reliable report on it by sending their videos.
  • Since not everybody knows about this kind of observance, don’t hesitate to inform people in your sphere about this. They might have some useful opinions or solution to some of these issues.
  • Maximize the use of social networking. Feel free to air your comments, suggestions and opinions on recurring subjects. Millions of people will view it and will also cause them to do the same thing you’re doing.

World Development Information Day 2018

World Development Information Day will occur on a Wednesday, October 24.