Just like things manufactured, human beings too encounter genetic defects.  One of this is known as the Down syndrome which is caused by a person’s being born with an extra chromosome in his genetic structure.  Today’s statistics disclosed that for every eight hundred normal children born, one child is afflicted with Down syndrome.  Be grateful you belong to the lucky majority!

When is the World Down Syndrome Day in 2018?

The World Down Syndrome Day is on March 21, 2018, a Wednesday.

The World Down Syndrome Day is always observed on the 21st day of March each year by all countries.

The Origin, History and Purpose of the World down Syndrome Day:

The first observance of this worldwide awareness day was in April 21, 2006 as initiated by the Down Syndrome International.  In 2012, the United Nations officially announced its support for this special day.

The purpose of this occasion is to increase people’s knowledge and discernment of Down syndrome.  The date was proposed by Stylianos E. Antonarakis being derived from its name, “Trisomy,” meaning 3 or March and 21 from the extra chromosome.

What is Down syndrome?

Down syndrome is an inborn genetic condition and not an illness.  For this reason, it is incurable and genetic researches focus on its prevention instead.  A human body normally contains only 20 chromosomes and having a 21st result to Trisomy 21, another name for the Down syndrome.

This condition is characterized by slow cognitive capability, delay in physical development and presence of a particular facial expression.  Thus, afflicted people possess only half of the normal intelligence quotient.  This chromosomal malady was discovered by Jerome Lejeune, a French geneticist, in 1959.

The Observance of the World down Syndrome Day 2015:

2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the World Down Syndrome Day.

For 2015, the World Down Syndrome Day’s theme is: ‘My Opportunities, My Choices’ – Enjoying Full and Equal Rights and the Role of Families.

Through various social media, people are encouraged to write blogs on Down syndrome.  The event may also be covered through comments, status updates or creation of events through Facebook or joining WDSD social media channels.  Donations to “Reach Out,” DSI’s outreach education programmes in third world countries, are also welcomed.

When is the World Down Syndrome Day in 2019?

The World Down Syndrome Day is on March 21, 2019, a Thursday.