Never is a life without a day of loneliness.  Never is there a day when one wishes to be with a friend or family.  If, by chance, you’re in this state right now, count your blessings!  Think of people who are alone and isolated, not by choice, but by circumstances.  Think emphatically of those inflicted by contagious diseases.  Thank God you’re not one of them!

When is the World Leprosy Day in 2018?

The World Leprosy Day is on January 28, 2018, a Sunday.

The World Leprosy Day is always observed in more than a hundred countries worldwide on the last Sunday of January each year.

Origin of the World Leprosy Day:

Leprosy is an air-borne illness transmitted by tiny respiratory droplets which leads to the gradual loss of nerve endings, extremities and other body parts.  Consequently, the afflicted person goes through severe mental, physical and social pains.

The World Leprosy Day was started by a great French humanitarian, Raoul Follereau, in 1953.  Its first observance was in 1954 and is currently observed by more than a hundred countries.  This global day of awareness aims to create a stream of prayer and support for those affected by leprosy.

How is the World Leprosy Day observed?

In 2015, the theme is ….  .Activities undertaken are always in line with the year’s theme.

  • In 2013, the World Leprosy Day’s theme was “The old has passed away; behold the new has come!”
  • In 2014, the theme was “Joining Forces – Accelerating Progress.”

The call for unity in the cause calls for massive awareness campaign through distribution of informative leaflets, pamphlets and conduct of seminars and book reviews.  Aside from prayer, people are also encouraged to do volunteer work in their local leprosarium.  Much weight though is placed in soliciting donations to cover cost of cure and ongoing cure of the poor and marginalized people afflicted by leprosy.

When is the World Leprosy Day in 2019?

The World Leprosy Day is on January 27, 2019, a Sunday.