They say that when a person is good in math, he usually have difficulties with languages.  The defence used for this belief lies in the function of the right and left hemisphere of the human brain:  logical against creativity.  Yet there are always exceptions to this rule.  This is because some people have perfected the art of balancing the usage of both sides of the brain.  So, which group do you belong to?

When is the World Maths Day in 2018?

The World Maths Day is celebrated twice:  The World Maths Day is on March 7, 2017, a Wednesday . The World Maths Day is also on October 15, 2017, a Sunday.

The World Maths Day is always observed worldwide on the 1st Wednesday of March each year and on October 15 each year.

The Origin, History and Purpose of the World Maths Day:

The World Maths Day is the perfect excuse to deviate from their usual math lessons and play math games and puzzles online against other players worldwide.  Its first event, participated by students from 98 countries worldwide, was on March 13, 2007.  The succeeding years’ celebration was on the 1st Wednesday of March.  In 2010, the World Maths Days created the Guinness World Record for the largest online Maths competition.

This online international math competition is powered by the educational resource provider, BP Learning.  In 2011, they included competitions in Spelling and Science in 2012.  Consequently, it became a part of a global education event, known as the World Education Games, which invites schools and students worldwide to set a new world record for the number of questions answered correctly in Math, Spelling and Science.

The World Maths Day celebration 2015:

The World Education Games will take a break in 2015, with the exception of the World Maths Day, to prioritize the compliance of the participants’ preregistration requirements.  This event, sponsored by Samsung and supported by UNICEF as a global charity partner, is participated by schools, students, teachers and parents globally.

Everyone is encouraged to promote the event which gives awards, for each age group, of gold medals the World Champions and Top Ten Students.  An Ambassador from each country is also chosen, based on competition performance, for the next year’s World Education Games.

When is the World Maths Day in 2019?

The World Maths Day is on March 6, 2019, a Wednesday. The World Maths Day is also on October 15, 2018, a Monday.

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