World Menopause Day is a worldwide awareness call for women who face health issues when menopause day comes. Menopause Day is a chance for women to be properly informed about proper care and treatment when they go to the imminent phase of life: menopause.

World Menopause Day 2017

World Menopause Day 2017 will be celebrated on a Wednesday, October 18th.

World Menopause Day is celebrated annually every October 18.

World Menopause Day Origin

World Menopause Day was created by a United Kingdom based organization, International Menopause Society and World Health Organization. It is created to help raise health-awareness issues about menopausal women. During World Menopause Day, varied medium of health education programs are being offered in order to fully educate and end misinformation about menopause.

Menopause Facts that You Should Know

1) During a menopause, a baby is still possible. If you are still in the transition phase of menopause, don’t abandon those birth control pills and condoms yet. Chances are, you can still get pregnant. According to studies, this phase is considered the second highest rate of unwanted pregnancies.

2) Cigarette-smoking can intensify menopausal experience. Compared to non-smoking women, cigarettes have content which can heighten menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes.

3) Don’t say goodbye to PMS just yet. During the transition to menopausal period, aside from irregular periods, you will experience more mood swings.

4) Majority of women still experience the quality life even in menopause stage. Certainly, menopause is not an easy experience to go through. Yet, if carried with positive attitude, one can overcome the less pleasant experience and continue on with her quality life.

Menopause Day Celebration

Years back, the word menopause is almost a taboo word. With the issue being severely silent, women worldwide only have the slightest idea on how to deal with menopausal symptoms and how to gain proper knowledge of menopausal health—related issues.

It is the World Menopause Day’s aim to utilize every available resource to educate women. It is the  perfect opportunity for menopaused women to take advantage of these resources to accurately know how to take care of their health better.  Factors such as focused attention to diet, exercise, alcohol, cigarette and caffeine consumption are important considerations in living a healthy life.

World Menopause Day 2018

World Menopause Day will be celebrated on a Thursday, October 18th.