Millions of people around the world are suffering from any form of mental disorder or even a simple depression due to some experiences that happens to an individual’s life, whether an adult or young people. This annual commemoration promotes an awareness of such issues.

World Mental Health Day 2017

World Mental Health Day  2017 Monday is on Tuesday, 10th of October.

World Mental Health Day is being observed every year on October 10.

World Mental Health Day Origin

World Mental Health Day is a worldwide observance supported by the United Nations with which over 100 countries around the globe are effusively observing it and reinforcing its campaign for mental health issues and the urgent necessity to uphold a wide –range deliberations on mental illnesses and investments needed for its preventive procedures,  advancements, and treatment facilities.

The first ever World Mental Health Day was observed in October 10, 1992 initiated by World Federation for Mental Health.  It is also widely supported by the World Health Organization.

World Mental Health Day Observance

Mental health by definition is a state of psychological and emotional well-being an individual possesses with which he or she has its full extent of capacity to behave and organize a normal and a day to day activity and being able to use his or her rational thinking and reasoning very well as he or she functions in society.  This year’s theme for World Mental Health Day is “Mental health and older adults”.

You may not realize this, but there is a growing population of people who are suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression which largely affect their relationships with families, love ones, and colleagues.

In this special day, one way or another, there are people we know or even those who are closest to us that suffer from any mental disorder, somehow needs our understanding and support for them. The best cure and treatment that they can obtain from you is the genuine love that you can bestow upon them.

Here are some points that can help to actively participate with this special day:

  • Spread the news about this event. Some people may not yet aware about it.
  • Invite your love ones to have a full body massage and therapy.
  • You can donate cash in some mental health foundations that aid and support with the mental patients that are less fortunate.
  • Travel out of town with the family, and have some barbecue party.
  • If you have a pet, a dog for instance, play and cuddle with them for longer hours than you usually do. They transfer such a positive and relax spirit in you.

World Mental Health Day 2018

World Mental Health Day 2018  will occur on a Wednesday, 10th day of October.