According to research and studies, every two seconds, somewhere around the globe, a child is being deprived of his or her right to belong to a family and have a normal life as suppose. Reasons may be because of poverty, war and AIDS. World Orphans Day is established and commemoratively observed annually worldwide.

When is World Orphans Day 2017

World Orphans Day will be on Monday, November 13th.

World Orphans Day is always observed every 2nd Monday of November.

World Orphans Day Origin

World Orphans Day is an annual worldwide commemoration that facilitates the public awareness on the unfortunate condition of orphans and displaced children even in the developing countries. It is always surprising to find out that this is the reality that we are facing nowadays.

These homeless children’s rampant growth escalates so fast every year.  Apparently, they badly need to be rescued from their disheartened situation that they don’t deserve to experience at a very young age.

Children who had lost their parents who are supposed to be their first line of defence and refuge, lacks guidance and security which cause them to become more susceptible and acquire a higher chance to be exposed with domestic violence, abuse, malnutrition, exploitation and mistreatment.

Consequently, World Orphans Day is initiated by The Stars Foundation, for these reasons. This observance encourages every individual to partake and participate to create an innocuous, nonviolent, and more protected atmosphere and surroundings for these children.

There may be no factual details of its origin, but seeing these issues will be enough for us to be aware of this observance, and take it seriously.

Have a Supply to Give this World Orphans Day

A heart full of compassion will always act rather that react, and will never allow not doing something to change a bad situation into something good.

There are various ways to be involved with this annual observance, regardless of its quantity but its quality, professing a genuine concern for these orphans.

  • Participate on the prayer walks and vigils organized in your city.
  • Donate cash donations in the orphanage that you know. You’ve been blessed for having a home and a family so extend your blessings to them.
  • If you can’t donate, build a fundraising project that is applicable to all ages, even to children so that they’ll be aware of the wretched situation of other children globally which will eventually encourage them to help.
  • Sponsor a child in an orphanage. They don’t just need education, but also the love and nurture that they didn’t experienced when they lost their parents at a young age.
  • Be a volunteer in an orphanage by cooking for their food, looking after them and playing with them. In this case, his emotional development will become normal.

Every person in this universe has a supply to give. It always depends on how you will respond to certain situations like this. Make this World Orphans Day be somewhat that has brought purpose in your life.

World Orphans Day 2018

World Orphans Day 2018 will be on Monday, November 12th.

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