The internet is a very important tool in uniting long lost friends and having new friends from any part of the world.  Through various social media sites, distance is no longer an excuse not to keep in touch.  In reality, the internet widened mankind’s horizon and enables a person to see what’s there on the other side of the planet.

When is the World Party Day in 2017?

The World Party Day is on April 3, 2017, a Tuesday.

The World Party Day is always observed globally on the third day of April each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the World Party Day:

The inaugural observance of the World Party Day was in April 3, 1996.  It was inspired by a novel written by an American writer, Vanna Bonta, entitled “Flight:  A Quantum Fiction Novel.”  The trilogy’s initial story ended with a celebration.

With the use of the internet, this had been found to be possible and gave birth to a global initiative on having a synchronized human celebration.  Its purpose is to have a mass celebration of a better world with no political or religious origin.

The World Party Day Observance:

Observance of this World Party Day is an exercise of a universal human right to life, having fun and promoting peace.  This day is also called P-Day, World Singing Day or simply WPD.  Its motto is “Party is the opposite of war.”

Its celebration is merely doing whatever a person wishes to do.  From personal to public merriment, activities may be:

  • A quiet dinner alone or with the family;
  • Throwing or attending a party complete with harmonious frolicking and pyrotechnics;
  • Having fun wherever a person may be;
  • Enjoying the company of friends with laughter over a cup of coffee or some cocktails;
  • Making donations in cash or in kind to orphanages or home for the aged;
  • Singing with office mates at a karaoke bar after work hours; or,
  • Attending a church service.

When is the World Party Day in 2018?

The World Party Day is on April 3, 2018, a Tuesday.