Evolution is shown by the many creatures of the world.  Look at the penguins.  They are birds but, for some reason, turned their wings into flippers.  They are the best swimming birds, which cannot fly, in the annals of history.  Watching them walk can mesmerize a person with their dignified gait.  Even their tuxedo-like plumage commands respect.  Indeed, they deserve a special day in their honour!

When is the World Penguin Day 2017?

The World Penguin Day is on April 25, 2017, a Tuesday.

The World Penguin Day is always observed worldwide on the twenty fifth day of April each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the World Penguin Day:

The World Penguin Day was created after years of observation of scientists at the McMundo Station in Antarctica.  Each year, on the 25th of April, a colony of Adelie penguins was consistently observed to return to the same spot.  This annual northward migration of the penguins gave birth to the World Penguin Day.

This penguin holiday, participated by man, aims to support the amazing and mystical creatures’ health and conservation.  Penguins have an average life of twenty years where fifteen years are spent swimming and breeding in the southern hemisphere.  The remaining five years are spent at the northern hemisphere.

The World Penguin Day Celebration:

This extraordinary day is observed by zoos, conservationist, parks and aquariums all over the world.  For an individual, the best way to celebrate this day is to visit Antarctica and personally see the penguins march.  This always happens during the day as penguins do not see well in the dark.  Another way is to visit the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut.

Penguin watching is possible only in Antarctica, New Zealand, Galapagos Island, Southern Australia, South West Africa, Chile and Peru.  Thus, for other countries, visiting the zoo will suffice.  Homebodies may also spend the day playing “Club Penguin,” an online game, or watching movies like “Happy Feet” or “Madagascar.”

When is the World Penguin Day in 2018?

The World Penguin Day is on April 25, 2018, a Wednesday.

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