Where would people be without physical therapists? They are an integral part of the medical team who makes sure that everyone will be up and about. No more slouching.   No more sluggishness. The entire body will be in motion regardless of what accident or procedure was done.  Everything is put back to normal.

When is Physical Therapy Day 2017?

Physical Therapy Day 2017 is on Friday, September 8th.

Physical Therapy Day is celebrated once a year on September 8th.

How did Physical Therapy Day begin?

Physical Therapy conferences started in 1950’s.  But physical therapy has been practiced by the Ancient Greeks in 460 BC and is as old as medicine itself.  Massage therapies and manual therapies were part of physical therapy.  In the 18th century, orthopedics was invented and machines were developed that aided exercises in physical therapy.

Today, physical therapy covers a wide range of body systems and focus on physical rehabilitation and movement.  Although, it is unknown why physical therapy day falls on September 8, but there is always an annual gathering of physical therapists to share updates on treatments, research and other activities that help physical therapists be better in their profession.

What will people do on Physical Therapy Day?

This is the gathering of physical therapists around the world and is participated by 6 continents and around 106 countries.  They have symposiums, talks, medical missions and the like. Some hospitals send their staff to attend another country’s physical therapy day.  Physical therapists visit their local communities and conduct seminars about the importance of physical therapy.

The Main Goal of Healthcare

There is this misconception that a certain caregiver, such as the doctor or nurse is the most important person in the health care setting.  There are only a few people who can see the teamwork that occurs whenever a patient is admitted in a hospital.

The order usually starts like this: the patient is seen by a nurse in the emergency room, the doctor confirms the problem of the patient while tests are being done by medical technologists to determine the cause.  The dietician is then called in to assess the patient’s nutrition.

The aide helps the patient’s stay at the hospital better.  The nurse checks up on the patient throughout the stay and the physical therapist sees to it that the patient is ambulatory; meaning the patient will no longer stay in bed but move about.

The patient will never be better if not for the communication between all caregivers.  They combine findings and solutions to make sure the patient’s health is at its optimum

 When is Physical Therapy Day 2018?

Physical Therapy Day 2018 is on Saturday, September 8, 2018.