Even in our fast pace, electronic world, there are some things that only traditional mail can perform. It is shown by the fact that almost 445 billion letters are being delivered every year around the world. Mail brings news, whether good or bad. And no wonder we all get curious when someone tells us, “You’ve got mail!”This October, it is time to celebrate the importance of mail in the World Post Day. 

World Post Day 2017

World Post Day 2017 will take place on Monday, October 9, 2017.

World Post Day is celebrated annually on the 9th of October.

World Post Day Origin 

World Post Day is a remembrance of Universal Postal Union’s establishment in Bern, Switzerland in 1874. This establishment started the global communications revolution. World Post Day was first declared official in Tokyo, Japan during the UPU Congress in 1969. Now, World Post Day is celebrated all over the world.

World Post Day raises awareness of the important role of the postal sector in our lives and businesses. During this event, the Posts introduce new postal products and service.

World Post Day Celebration 

For 40 years already, UPU has organized an International Letter-writing Competition every year. This competition gives a chance to young people who are aged 15 and below to show their writing skills and be awarded. Every year, there is a different theme.

There are stamp making workshops and stamp collection seminars held worldwide. Philatelists look forward to this day because special commemorative stamps are issued by postal services. Stamps exhibition and World Post Day poster display is expected. It is also a time for Post employees to be recognized and rewarded for their excellent services. Special souvenirs are also issued.

World Post Day 2018 

World Post Day 2018  will occur on Tuesday, October 9, 2018.